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Vital Statistics

A special note from the Registrar: “Marriage, civil union and domestic partnership applications are being processed according to the rule change that either applicant can be a resident of the City of East Orange. The current application fee is $28.00."

A pamphlet entitled “Entering into a Marriage or Civil Union in New Jersey “is available in the Registrar’s office. Inquiries and information may be directed to; Ms. Cynthia Moore, Certified Municipal Registrar, at 973-266-5450.

Issues certified certificates of birth, death, marriage, civil union, and domestic partnership.  Notary services available. Fees are as follows (remittance in cash only when presented in person and money order only when sent through mail):

Vital Statistic fees changes take effect beginning Monday, July 16th 2012

Marriage License/Re-Marriage Applications $ 28.00
(one applicant must be a resident of East Orange)  
Civil Union Licenses/Re-Affirmation Applications $ 28.00
(one applicant must be a resident of East Orange)  
Domestic Partnership Applications $ 28.00
(both applicants must be New Jersey residents)  
*Birth Certificates $ 15.00
Marriage Certificates $ 15.00
*Civil Union Certificates $ 15.00
Domestic Partnership Certificates $ 15.00
Death Certificates $ 15.00
Burial Permits/Transit $  5.00
Disinterment Permits $  5.00
**Amendments/Corrections Checks accepted Funeral Directors $ 20.00
****Notary Services (per signature) $  4.00
***Search fee (per year) $  4.00

NOTE:  *Fee Schedule revised July 16, 2012
**Fee Schedule revised July 16, 2012
** Fee Schedule revised July 16, 2012
****Fee Schedule revised 01/09/2013
Burial/Transit/Disinterment Permit fee change from $15.00 to $5.00 effective August 1, 2010
Civil Union License Application fee effective N.J.S.A. 37:1-12 $28.00 .



Ms. Cynthia Moore,
Registrar CMR
Frances Pitts-Tubbs,
Deputy Registrar CMR

143 New Street, Room 100A
East Orange, NJ 07017  

Phone:  973- 266-5450

Fax:  973-672-5063 

Hours: Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.