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The City Council is the local legislative body responsible for appropriating funds and enacting ordinances and resolutions governing the City. The City Council reviews and approves the Mayor’s appropriations and annual budget. The City Council reviews and approves the Mayor’s appointments to municipal Departments and several Citizen Advisory Boards and Commissions.

Members of the City Council are elected to serve a four-year term. The ten member Council consists of two representatives from each of the City’s five geographic wards. Five members are elected every odd year from each ward.

Each New Year’s Day, the City Council meets to organize for the year. It adopts its rules and selects one of its members to act as Chairperson during the year-long legislative session. The Chair appoints each Council Member to oversee a standing committee. These standing committees serve as Council liaisons to City departments, public agencies, civic groups and public service organizations.

The City Council Chairperson serves as an ex-officio member of every committee and is liaison to the Mayor, Essex County Freeholder Board, the NJ State Legislature, the United States Congress and the East Orange Parking Authority.

 The City Council meets every Monday evening in the City Hall Council Chambers unless otherwise noted. Committee meetings are held on the first and third Monday at 6:00 p.m. to discuss items that will be placed on the agenda for the regular Council meeting that convenes at 6:30 p.m. every second and fourth Monday. During July and August, the Council meets on the second Monday at 5:30 PM (Committee Meeting) and third Monday at 6:00 PM (Regular Meeting).

The public is invited to address the Council at both Committee and Regular meetings. Special Council meetings are called by the Council Chairperson or the Mayor to discuss and act on matters that require immediate action.

The Committee and Regular Meetings of the East Orange City Council scheduled for Monday, January 26th have been cancelled due to inclement weather . These Meetings will take place on Monday, February 2nd. The Committee Meeting will be held at 5:30 PM and the Regular Meeting at 6:30 PM.

Public Notice - January 2015 Council Meeting


City Council

Alicia Holman , Chairwoman
Email: Alicia Holman

City Hall
44 City Hall Plaza
East Orange, NJ 07019  
Phone:  973- 266-5120

Fax: 973-672-9429 


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